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Out and About Suggestions

Homeschooling isn't an indoor proposition. You can get out and about and still tackle your educational topics or exercise. Check out these options:

To get outside: Make more of your walks through the neighborhood by adding a scavenger hunt. You can look for different breeds of dogs out walking (how many breeds can you find?) or different colors of cars (great for younger kiddos learning their colors) or find letters and numbers on signs and licence plates. Give each child a letter or number to look for and see who has found the most by the time you return home. How many birds can you find? Can you identify them?

You can also add a bit of math. Challenge the kids to round the next house number or license plate to the nearest 10, then pick another target and round it to the nearest 100. Or ask them if it's an odd or even number?

Add some exercise besides just walking. Have them sprint to the green house (and then wait for you there) or challenge: When they reach a yellow house, they have to do 10 jumping jacks, a gray house they have to march in place 10x, a green house means 5 burpees (remember those?), and a white house means 5 windmill toe touches. 

You can create an obstacle course in the backyard like your own Junior Ninja Warrior course- or see who can complete a list of backyard challenges the fastest. 

Ninja at the Park: Join your friends at the park and take turns using the park equipment as a Ninja course. Some things you go over, others you go under, or climb or jump. You can time each participant or just opt for a "who can finish the challenge" format. If you can't all be at the park at the same time, you can post videos of each child's run so everyone can see on your facebook group page. 

Dodge Ball in the Tennis Court: This works great because it keeps the balls from going very far, and the net keeps everyone on their own side of the game. You can play family against family or choose teams. If very young kids are playing too, try playing with beachballs or soft nerf balls instead of the typical dodge ball type balls. 

Check out my resources pages for more new ideas to try. This is a great time to break from your normal routine and try something new and FUN!!

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