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If your state requires standardized testing, you can test from anywhere worldwide over skype!!  Same day scoring report.

Welcome to Homeschool E-sources!

All Testing and Coaching sessions are over skype. 

Homeschool YOUR way!

Whether you need resources, curriculum ideas, information on testing options or ideas to help a child who is struggling, you can find what you need here. There are many ways to homeschool, and the BEST way is the way that works for you and your child. Every learner is different, and every family is different. 


How do you know what works?

When you and the kids feel excited about the next topic, you'll feel confident in your choice to homeschool. You won't spend your summers wondering if you should put the kids back in school when fall comes. 

Browse this site and check out the resource pages. Shake things up and find your best path forward. If you find a topic or approach that makes you feel excited, it will probably spark your children's interest, too. And it's never too late to change course. Explore, discover, try new things! Homeschooling should be an adventure in learning!

If your state requires an annual assessment or academic test (or if you just want an outside assessment) the Peabody Individual Achievement Test is a great option. In less than an hour, we can map out strengths and weaknesses to help you chart your way forward.  ($45 per student- testing over skype, any time zone).

If you're new to homeschooling or not happy with your current array of curriculum choices, a coaching session can help you make a plan or find new options.  ($25 for 30 min or $45 for an hour).

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