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Mn Homeschoolers- The requirements and options

Each state has it's own regulations on homeschooling. This page reviews the requirements for homeschooling in MN and the options within those requirements. If you're homeschooling in another state, check with your statewide homeschooling organization to get the details that affect you. It's just part of doing your homework as a homeschooler. 

Getting Started

Resources for those exploring homeschooling as an option or in the first year or 2 and still figuring out the details. These resources will walk you through some options and things to consider. Also check out the Strategies page as homeschooling can be done many different ways. Know your options and find your best path forward.

Resources by Subject

Need some new ideas? Here you can click on any subject and find some options to explore. Each learner is different, with their own set of interests and frustrations. Changing your approach or using different materials can be the pathway to success. 

Strategies & Approaches to Homeschooling

There is no ONE right way to homeschool. The key is to find the path that fits best for you and your learners. Explore the options, blend the resources and make it your own. It's also fine to change course if you find it isn't going smoothly. Check out my page on overcoming challenges. We all hit rough spots. Do a little research here so you have a plan B when the time comes. 

Short on time? Kids not interested? New baby in the family? Struggling learner? 

We all face challenges in our homeschooling adventure. Click here for ideas on how to tackle these issues without pulling your hair out. And remember, it's also ok to declare a week off for "Family Downtime". We don't break for parent/teacher conferences or teacher workshops (some of us don't even take summers off), so feel free to stick a family holiday on the calendar and let it go! 

Shake up your Homeschooling

Out of ideas? Tired of the same old stuff? You need to shake it up! Check here for some ideas on how to breathe some fresh ideas into your homeschooling routine. It's ok to set aside the curriculum for a few weeks and try something new. You can always come back to those textbooks (they aren't going anywhere) after your batteries are recharged. Or ditch them completely and take a more hands on, experience based approach to homeschooling. Don't feel locked into one way of doing things! 

Resources for the Elementary Grades

This collection is specifically aimed at K-6th grade learners. Browse to find some ideas that get you excited about learning, and your kids will be excited, too. 

7-12 grade Resources

Resources for teen learners as they start looking toward those college courses or career options. This collection is geared for the 7-12 grade homeschooler as they transition toward their next stage of life- adulthood! 

Resources for Struggling Learners

The beauty of homeschooling is that you are free to use the approach that works best for each child. It can take a little experimenting to find what's working, but don't be afraid to explore your options. These resources can help with children who struggle with traditional approaches to learning and retention. You know your child best, and you are witness to their struggles and successes. It doesn't have to feel like trying to move a boulder all by yourself. Add to your arsenal of options here.

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