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Arts and Crafts Tips for Homeschoolers

by Kim Jaworski, Homeschool Resource Specialist


Art doesn’t have to involve expensive supplies or outside classes. The internet can provide oodles of options for craft projects that will use inexpensive supplies (most can be found at the dollar store) or even things you’ll have around the house (toilet paper tubes, papier mache, or paperclips).  Art projects are an important way for children to explore their creativity, as well as experimenting with textures, textiles, and artistic modalities.

Homeschoolers can find inspiration by touring a museum (in person or online) or exploring art books and videos at your library. Learn about artists and different kinds of artwork. Then explore sculpture techniques, papier mache, pottery, painting, or explore different kinds of fibers or recycled materials. 

A weekly project can keep those creative juices flowing. Take pictures (of the process and the finished piece) and make an artist’s journal.  To find ideas, assess your supplies. Then, if you have a big pile of paper plates or cotton balls, just google “crafts” and your supply of choice and see what you find. It’s endless! Scrolling through Pinterest will bring up more than enough to keep you busy for months! And you’ll be able to find projects for all skill levels and ages.

For more complicated projects, youtube is a great resource. Try searching that site for “origami cranes” or “fairy gardens”. If you come up with a pool of crafts to choose from, you’ll be able to make sure you have the supplies on hand and introduce a new project each week.  Or let the kids pick the craft that captures their interest from your selection of ideas. Start a folder on your computer or a hard copy inspirational portfolio to choose from.

After a few months of weekly crafting, the kids can set up their own art show and invite family and friends to tour their displays. Be sure to make little placards listing the artist and materials used to create each piece. Every artist needs their gallery!  Be sure to take a picture of each artist with their work to include in your homeschool portfolio for that year. If you haven’t read my piece on portfolios, you might want to check that out next!

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