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Cause & Effect - have you heard of  Rube Goldberg?

by Kim Jaworski, Homeschool Resource Specialist


Learning about cause and effect is an important component of logic and decision making. It impacts planning skills, safety, and other life skills as well. Why not tackle these skills with fun and intrigue?

Start with something as basic as dominoes all set up in patterns (letters or shapes are fun) and then tip the first one to set off the captivating, controlled fall of the entire pattern. There are amazing videos on youtube to keep your kids inspired for weeks on end.

If you haven’t ever played the game Mouse Trap with your children, here’s your chance! Cause and effect, predicting what comes next, getting components to work together—these are critical lessons from Mouse Trap.

You can move up to Rube Goldberg machines for older students (more on youtube to kick start your ideas). The band Ok Go has a video for their song ‘This Too Shall Pass’ that will blow your mind. It’s a favorite of ours.

Be sure to have a video camera for the big reveal- and be prepared to make several attempts. Attention to detail and trial & error are important lessons, too.

I think this sort of project would be a fun family challenge for a co-op to put out there. Everyone’s videos could be showcased at a project fair.

Now, really, head to youtube and check out the video by Ok Go. You won’t be disappointed!

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