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 An Assignment that Could Change the World

By Kim Jaworski, Homeschool Resource Specialist


Whether you’re assigning a research project, a sample business plan, working with flow charts or a complex research paper, you might just change the world if you ignite your teen’s imagination with this idea. A simple question could put the future in motion.

If you could start your own non-profit organization, who would you help?

Encourage your student to research the matter fully. Who needs help? What kind of help is needed? How can it be accomplished? Is there already a group doing similar work? Can your plan be implemented in phases? What would those phases be? What kind of funding would it take? What might your website look like? Are there grants or other funding sources for this kind of work? How do you form a non-profit? What are the key components of a good non-profit?

Some good info can be found on the website by the small business admin and by the Charities Review Council site (

Whenever you can, make assignments meaningful in this way. You just never know which spark will light the way into an amazing future for your child. And you might just change the world!

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