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Dummies Books- A Smart Choice-

by Kim Jaworski, Homeschool Resource Specialist

When your students reach the junior high or high school level, there are choices other than dry text books, and you can probably find them at your library or as a cheap purchase online second hand.  Chemistry for Dummies, Physics for Dummies, English for Dummies, Algebra for Dummies, Biology for Dummies. These books are written by leaders in their fields and are much more interesting (and even amusing) when compared to the average text book on the same subject. You can supplement with some relevant documentaries on Netflix or you tube, and your child will have a better mastery of the subject than most. And for nearly no cost to you! Remember, when they are engaged in the material, they are learning better than when they are just going through the motions with a dry text.

For classes that usually include lab work, youtube probably has the same stuff from a spectator’s perspective. Dissecting a frog or piglet, chemistry labs, physics experiments. Do a little digging and you’ll probably find it. I can’t tell you how many labs I did in high school that I didn’t even understand. I knew the solution was supposed to turn blue, or that there should be a sediment at the bottom, but the why or how were not really explained. At least on youtube, you’re likely to get the explanation and actually learn what’s being taught. Khan academy is another good resource.

Check at half price book stores, or online at or amazon if your library doesn’t carry the subjects you need.

Pick up a Dummies book and see if you don’t learn something yourself!

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