If you’d like to do your testing with me, I just need to know what month you’d like to test (you have until Oct 1, after your school year to do your testing) and I’ll add you to my monthly roster. Then you’ll get an email from me when I start setting actual appt dates/times for that month. You can list the Peabody Individual Achievement test on your reporting form, my name as your tester, and your home as the location for the testing. For the date, just list the month/year you selected. 

It’s also helpful if you send me the kids’ names and current grade level, as I’ll need that when we get to testing time.  

You are under no obligation to test with me, so when it comes time to schedule appts for that month, if you have changed your mind you just reply to the email and ask to be removed from the list. This happens when kids enroll back in school or families move before the end of the school year, but any reason is fine.