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Virtual Field Trips

The links may not stay the same over time, but if you do a search for these videos you should find them.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky. See the exhibits. Narrated video program. Historic planes, aviation pioneers, and more.

Baltimore or DC aquarium tours.  360 degree views with information popups on different species. Map of full facilities, click on an area to explore.

These video field trips with Mr Rogers explore a construction site, visit a fire station, an art museum, a dinosaur exhibit, a pediatrician's office, an interview with Yo Yo Ma, and more!

Tour the Atlanta zoo. See videos of animals at play and educational presentations originally aired with skype.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. 3 floors of exhibits plus the gardens. Click on arrows to move around the virtual museum. Click on camera icons to see a specific exhibit closer up.

Video tour explores how our mail moves.

A brief tour of the National aquarium.

tours from Mr Rogers- see how balls, fortune cookies, crayons, guitars, sneakers and wagons are made.

Series of narrated videos takes you from bean to chocolate bar at the Hershey factory.

Video tour of how sheet glass is made.

Video tour of how blown and other hot glass is made.

Factory tour of Jelly Belly Jelly beans!

short videos showing how things are made. Air conditioners, guitars, pinball machines, accordians, skiis, car seats, baseball gloves and baseballs, candy canes, bike frames, christmas ornaments, colored pencils, contact lenses, corn tortillas and LOTS more!

A trip to the Louisville KY office of the National Weather Service.

brief tour of the Taiwan marine aquarium.

Virtual field trip to a watershed. Grades 3-5. How water moves on our planet and how it is affected by outside forces.

Watershed tour for 6-8grades.

tour the gibson guitar factory.

Hyundai Motor Alabama plant tour.

Bob Vila tours the Louisiana Pacific factory. Lumber processing.

Bob Vila tours the Sherwin Williams paint factory.

Seven Cycles Factory tour.

Tour the factory for Tiffin motorcoaches.

Bob  Vila tours a nail factory. Tremont Nail.

Ole Salty's potato chip factory tour.

Allen Edmonds shoe factory tour.

Buffet clarinet factory tour.

How coins are made.

how plastic bags are made.

How CDs are made.

how toothbrushes are made

how blue jeans are made

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