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Please check carefully with these providers as to their policies regarding:

  • Time frame or testing window,

  • Length of time you can keep the testing materials,

  • Testing during a particular time of the year (fees can vary depending on time of year or the test may only be available certain months of the year),

  • What’s included in their fee/ additional costs (postage or scoring fees?),

  • Requirements for ordering or administering the test (for example, some require a letter from your school district, or letter from your doctor confirming special needs accommodations).



Bayside School Services


Rents Cal Achievement Test (CAT/5)


Thurber’s Educational Assessments


Rents the Cal Achievement Test (CAT/5)


Hewitt Homeschooling Resources


Rents PASS test for Grades 3-8.


Family Learning Organization


Rents Cal Achievement Test (CAT/5)


Seton School


Rents the CAT for K-12.


U of M, Mn Statewide Testing Program.  612-626-1803

Rents Iowa Test of Basic Skills and Stanford Achievement Test

Where to get pencil tests

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